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一、Instruction of lable

二、Identifying SSD

2.1、Via inspector or sales to check

The inspector or sales must know how to check.

2.2、Instruction of anti-fake to consumers

Anti-fake label should keep in integrated.
Scrape the coating on the anti-fake label, you can see 12 anti-fake code , and we have three ways to identify the SSD.

2.2.1、Checking via telephone

Get the anti-fake code at first.
Call hot line (0086)4008813150 to check via automatic voice system channel

Content of automatic voice system are as following:
If licensed products:“Hello, the SSD you checked is produced by Shenzhen KingSpec Electronics Technology. , Ltd., please feel free to use, thank you for your calling.”
Rechecking:“This code has been checked, the code can be checked until xxx (month) xxx (date) xxx(time) ,xxx year , you can call 4008800003 to ask our guys to help you”, Please refer to the checking result of the first time to identify.
Fake:“Error code, please beware of imitations. You can also call 400 880 0003 at work hours .”

2.2.2、Checking via message of cellphone

Send the 12 anti-fake code to 8613828823315 via message, you will get result in 1 min.

2.2.3、Checking via internet

Visit our website at www.kingspec.com
get into the anti selling beyond agreed areas system,
and type the 12 code into the checking column, then you can get the result.


The code has been verified 1.The user didn’t hear the voice clear at the first time.
2. The code is be used by fake makers
Please check the verify time of the first time,
any question please call :400 880 0003
Get all the verify record of this code.
The search result is error code.。 1.Wrong operation.
2.Misread due to the wrong code.
3.The code is beyond the searching deadline of setting .
Remind users how to search.
Remind users to confirm the code is correct.
Please call 400 880 0003 at working hours.
The telephone is not available
Can not get reply via message.
The website can not be open.
1.The line is busy.
2.There has fault of line
Please call 400 880 0003 for help.


*Any questions you can call 400 880 003 to consult our guys.
(Working hours : 8:30 – 17:30), when you get fake SSD, you can call 400 7799 711 to check with us.
*Hot line for Enterprise and Retailers is 400 886 3456

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